Val is Doc McStuffins toy valentines heart who first appears in the episode 'My Huggy Valentine.' She is voiced by Jennifer Hale.

Personality When Val is introduced by Doc in the clinic, Lambie feels jealous and heartbroken when she steals the spotlight from her, and Lambie thought Val was a better toy than she was. But when Lambie learned from Doc that everyone loves her just the way she is, Lambie and Val become best friends.

Appearance Val is a red valentines heart who likes glitter and shiny things like sparkles and twinkly clothes. Val has white runner shoes and socks. Val has beautiful big eyes just correct for such a pretty heart. Lambie does look cute as Val too. Val thinks everything is better covered in sparkles.

Quotes 'Let's shine, shine, shine!' this is for you lambie, a heart for the heart


  • Val seems to like glittery pink and red
  • Valentines day is her favorite day almost as much as Lambie's favorite
  • Val kind of loves twinkly hearts pinned to her