Rescue Ronda is a character featured in "Rescue Rhonda to the Rescue". She is a toy that belongs to Donny's friend, Luca. She also appears in the episodes, "Rescue Ronda" and "Rest Your Rotors, Ronda!"

Rescue Ronda is a special electronic helicopter toy that works by using a remote control. She can pick up things and carry them as she flies around.

Ronda is voiced by Debra Wilson.


Rescue Ronda is named for her will and determination to save everyone and anyone in need of rescue. Even when she may be hurt, or cannot work right she'll try to do her best anyway. When she was told she wouldn't be able to rescue Chilly, due to her injury she became upset but soon learned that Doc is just as dedicated to her patients as she is to those she rescues.

Ronda feels her best when she lends a helping hand in anyone in need of a rescue!


Ronda is a light yellow-golden colored helicopter with a small spot of brown below her propellers, which are silver and blue colored. The plastic bubble part over the passenger seats is clear blue, while the inside interior is dark with the seats being crimson red. Ronda has feminine blue-green eyes with many eyelashes, light colored blush on her cheeks and a silver-blue mouth.


Ronda was injured when she fell into the bush because of both Donny and Luca fighting over the controls that controlled her. She didn't really know it at the time other then the fact her propeller couldn't move or spin at all. Doc checked her engine (heart) and her tail propellers but both seemed fine. After her mother helped Luca get rid of a Splinter he got from the bush when he tried to grab her rescue basket, it was then Doc suddenly realized why Ronda wasn't working right and she discovered a splinter had gotten stuck where the propeller is connected, which was why it couldn't spin.