Princess Persephone, or 'Peri' as she likes to be called, is a toy tomboyish doll princess who appears in the episode 'Sir Kirby and the Plucky Princess.'

Personality Edit

Persephone is a tomboyish toy doll princess who proves in her first appearance that princesses can do anything knights can do. When Dottie McStuffins organises a race for Sir Kirby the toy knight and Persephone, Sir Kirby has a few problems, making Persephone deep in her heart think that a princess could do anything knights could do. Persephone is a bold, daring and tomboyish princess, and she is a toy doll dressed as a princess.

Appearance Edit

Princess Persephone is a toy doll princess with brownish-golden auburn hair. She wears a red dress with a pink ribbon tied on the hip and matching slippers. She has pink lips and medium-sized green eyes. Persephone wears a brown crown with diamonds and rubies. Persephone seems to like necklaces although she is extremely tomboyish.

Quotes Edit

'Princesses can do anything knights can do!' I want to be like a knight, call me Peri

Trivia Edit

  • Persephone seems to like red and pink.
  • She also seems to like ribbons tied round her dress hip.
  • Persephone is extremely a tomboyish toy doll princess.