Emmie is the nine-year old big sister of Alma and Doc McStuffins best friend. Emmie can trust Doc to fix any of her and Alma's broken toys. Emmie also seems to like bananas and playing soccer with Doc. Emmie is voiced by Kylee Anderson.

== Personality Emmie cares deeply for her little sister Alma and treats her kindly. Doc can fix Emmie and Alma's toys like Frida Fairy, Moo Moo and Pickles. Emmie is an awkward, fun-loving nine-year old girl who lives in California and seems to be like Doc's neighbour.

== Appearance Emmie is a nine-year old girl who has long beautiful brown hair. She is small like Doc but slender and holds a good relationship with her little sister. She wears a shirt consisting of a blue color, blue Mary Jane shoes and dark blue trousers. She has large light blue eyes, pale skin and her cheeks are usually a tiny red color.

== Quotes

duh! you can fix it doc'