Dr McStuffins
Dr. McStuffins (Or Mrs. McStuffins) is the mother of both Doc and Donny McStuffins She is the wife of Mr McStuffins

Dr. McStuffins is a Doctor who works at the towns Hospital and as such, she has to be ready for work or to leave at any given notice. But she is often home in order to be with her family.

Dr. McStuffins is voiced by Kimberly Brooks.


Dr. McStuffins is just like any other mother. She is kind and cares very much for the safety and happines of her family. When she sees something wrong, or notice someone sad or in pain she always tries to help when/if she can. She also is very smart and puts her doctor knowledge to work around the house, and she also makes sure that her family remember their manners or to be on their best behavior. Such as when she reminded Doc to write her grandmother a thank you note.

Its said she expects Doc to become a Doctor when she grows up, and as support of Doc's dreams she was the one to purchase the toy medical kit Doc owns and uses, not knowing of its magical abilities.


Dr. McStuffins is a tall woman of average height and build. She is an African-American with black/dark colored eyes and brown hair pulled back into a very big part of hair. Her attire is very basic, consisting of a mint colored shirt with rolled up sleeves, jeans that end below her knees and above her ankles, and teal flats.she was once treated by her daughter when she was sick



  • As her full name hasn't been revealed, its unknown if Dr. McStuffins grew up as McStuffins, or if she just took her husbands surname during Marriage.