Donny McStuffins is a fun loving four-year old boy who likes playing with his older sister Doc McStuffins. Donny is voiced by Jaden Isaiah Betts.

Donny is a four-year old African-American boy who's real name is Donald McStuffins. Donny can be easily saddened when he has no one to play with or if his toys are broken, so he can trust Doc to fix up his broken toys. Donny appreciates his big sister, and he knows Doc's always there for him when one of his toys are broken.

Donny is always a loving son to his parents and seems to be the same age as his friends Alma, Will and Luca. He can be shy at first but is friendly afterwards.

Donny wears a yellow shirt with an orange monster on it. He has blue shoes and small trousers. He usually appears in other clothes in some episodes.

Quotes said by Donny:

Awesome! you're the best Doc