Doc's Tools are a group of items she stores inside her Clinic to use on her patients. They all resemble childrens play toys but unknown to everyone else, except for Doc, they are really magical!

She uses just a few with each patient depending on the problems, but sometimes she may give them a full physical also.

Hallie is usually the one who gets them out or carry them around for her, being Doc's assistant/nurse. She usually knows which tool Doc needs before Doc can finish telling her.

Items and DescriptionEdit

Stethoscope: Doc's most treasured of the tools. Its because of it that she can bring toys to life! Doc keeps this out of her tools and usually always wears it so that she can control the toys as she needs to.

It also is used to check heart beats and breathing.

Magnifying Glass: Doc uses this when she needs to look closely at things.

Thermometer: Used to check temperature

Pliers/Tweasers: Used when Doc needs to remove something.

Reflex Tester: As the name implies. Its used to cheek knees usually.

Scissors: When Doc needs to cut something or open up something she may use them. When with a patient, she's always very careful though.

Ear and Eye checker: A magnifying glass and light up piece in one. Doc uses this when she thinks something is wrong with someone's ears, nose, mouth, or eyes and can't see it clearly.

Pressure Checker: Doc uses this like a Doctor would to check blood. However, she uses it for things to check air and stuffing in the toys.


Each of Doc's tools are purple in color with a section that is all sparkly purple-pink, which is usually the handle part of the object. On all of the objects, there is also white segments too. Though the scissors lack this and instead has a metal nut in the center to hold it together.

Notebook: Doc always writes down the ailment upon finding out what it is. Usually by drawing a detailed picture within a few seconds to show and record the problems.