"Caught Blue-Handed" is an episode of Doc McStuffins.


When Rock-Star Ruby and the other female toys lost their voices for the Great Super-Star Concert, Doc must find away to figure out why they all lost their voices if they can't sing for tonight's concert.


The episode starts outside in the backyard. Doc's little brother, Donnie, didn't know that he just drop water on the 4 female toys. Doc and the toys are busy preparing the stage for the Great Super Star Concert tonight. Hallie asks Doc why they have a concert every night. Doc told her that Sunday is Concert Day and they need to prepare the stage. Behind the bush, Stuffy told the female toys to get dressed before singing in the concert. After they already got dressed, they walk on the cardboard stage and started singing. But, when they start singing, they had lost their voices. All the toys are so sad because of the female toys' voices are gone and they're going home. Chilly got so lonely that they have to cancelled the concert. Then, Doc took the four toys to the clinic to find out why their voices got vanished.

Doc checked their mouth. And she know that they have a dig-nosis. She said that they have the case of the loosing voice gone. Surfer Girl ask Doc what 'Loosing Voice Gone' means. She told her that it means that someone's voice was gone. Stuffy took a dictionary called 'HOW TO GET YOUR VOICE BACK'. According to the dictionary, to get the female toys' voices back, they have to run around the clinic 15 times. When they spin around the clinic 15 times, they still lost their voices. Stuffy turn the page as he said the only way to get their voices back, is to blinked their eyes two times. Then, the female toys got their voices back! Then, they sang a song about loosing the voice.

After singing the song, the four toys go back on the stage and sang with their instruments. Chilly said that they will be called 'The Super Star Toys'. Rock Star Ruby uses her microphone because she's the leader of the Super Star Toys, Surfer Girl plays her electric guitar, Melinda plays a drum set with an image of a gold fish, and Millie plays a tamborine. After the concert, the other toys gave them autographs. The toys then are bring on a toy taxi drived by Tony, the toy taxi driver.

The next day on Monday, after Doc came home from school, she saw that the toys are making newspapers about the Super Star Toys last night because they're the four famous singers. Doc delivered all the newspapers around the neighbourhood. Also her friends.



Loosing Voice Gone (Rock Star Ruby, Surfer Girl, Melinda, and Millie)